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What is a Medical Pedicure?

A Medical Pedicure combines the relaxing procedure of a pedicure with the strict medical guidelines, and sterilization/sanitation techniques used.

Sterilization/Sanitation Techniques used:

Adhering to the strictest levels of Sanitation. We only use Prepackaged Sterilized implements. That of a Doctor in surgery. These procedures exceed OSHA ( Occupational Safety and Health Administration). This techniques prevent the spread of germs, fungus and diseases, maintaining only the cleanest environment for your procedure. Bringing peace of mind to your feet, for the ultimate relaxing pedicure.

Our Facility

Located within the Elite Podiatry Practice, offering privacy as well as the peace of mind that a doctor is in the building. Utilizing the most advanced techniques, your pedicure will be completed in a zero-gravity chair, performed by a Licensed nail technician understand the complete anatomy of your feet under the supervision of a board certified podiatrist in foot and ankle surgery. Each of our nail technicians have completed an internship and training under a podiatrist, trained to recognize conditions of the feet that require a doctors medical attention.

Menu of Services


Urgent Medi/Pedi-(30min)                    $35

Short of Time? This pedicure will take care of your foot care in a flash. Complete with application of medical grade antiseptic, warm steamed towels, polish removal, nail shaping, cuticle care, minor reduction in calluses, moisturizing application to the feet with a mini massage, completed with the polish of your choice.

Renew Medi/Pedi (45min)                    $45

Our most popular. Relax and Renew you feet starting with an application of medical grade antiseptic, warm steamed towels, polish removal, nail shaping, extensive cuticle care, complete callus treatment/reduction, a relaxing massage from the knee down applying an intense moisturizer for those dry tired feet.

Diabetic Pedicure (45 min)                    $45

More than just a pedicure, this service focuses on the health of your feet while being pampering. We follow extensive infectious disease control techniques that far exceed those used in typical nail salons or spas. Our staff is trained to recognize and respond to relevant medical conditions specific to diabetes, peripheral vascular disease (PVD). We have on-site medical professionals to ensure safety and answer questions. All of this, in a tranquil, spa-like setting with caring staff members that truly attend to your needs.

A la cart

  • Paraffin Treatment (5min)            $10
  • Polish change (15min)                  $15
  • Gel Top Coat                                $10
  • Soak off                                        $10
  • Nail repair                                     $5
  • Diabetic Nail Trim                         $10


Website still under construction, additional services to be added.

Thank you

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